Urgent Notice for all ACs, RCs and Ex Students of AGEAWS & AGEAWS’S Voluntary Institutions (1) Please Note that we are using hologram on all documents provided by AGEAWS & AGEAWS’S Voluntary Institutions from September 2018, To stop duplicacy. The Students having AGEAWS & AGEAWS’S Voluntary Institutions Certificates of earlier sessions are also requested to send their documents to the Organization; we will resend the same the date sheet from your nearest Academic Center as the exams are going to start for the Session September 2018 Admissions Open for the Session NOV-2018.

ITI Courses

Vocational Name Duration
Vocational Name Duration
Certificate (Art-Craft) 1Year
Certificate (CTT) 1Year
Certificate(Dental Mechanic) 1Year
Certificate (Fashion Designing) 1Year
Certificate(Health & Sanitary Inspector + (Bridge Course 1Year
Certificate (Health & Sanitary) 1Year
Certificate (Interior Designing) 1Year
Certificate(Live Stock & Veterinary Science) 1Year
Certificate(MLT) + Bridge Course) 1Year
Certificate(MLT) 1Year
Certificate(MRIT) 1Year
Certificate(NTT) 1Year
Certificate (Nursing Assistant) + Bridge Course 1Year
Certificate(Nursing Assistant) 1Year
Certificate(Optometry) + Bridge Course 1Year
Certificate(Optometry) 1Year
Certificate(Physiotherapy) + Bridge Course 1Year
Certificate(Physiotherapy) 1Year
Certificate(PTT) 1Year
Certificate(Teaching in Yoga) 1Year
Certificate(Textile Design) 1Year
Certificate(Yoga & Naturopathy) 1Year
DCA 1Year
Diploma (Airport Ground Staff ) 1Year
Diploma(Art-Craft) 1Year
Diploma(MPHW) +Bridge Course 1Year
Diploma(MRIT) + Bridge Course 1Year
Diploma(NTT) 1Year
Diploma (Nursing Assistant) + Bridge Course 1Year
Diploma(Nursing Assistant) 1Year
Diploma(Occupational Safety And Health 1Year
Diploma(Operation Theater) 1Year
Diploma(Optometry) 1Year
Diploma (Pharmacy Assistant ) + Bridge Course 1Year
Diploma(Pharmacy Assistant) 1Year
Diploma(Physiotherapy) + Bridge Course 1Year
Diploma(Physiotherapy) 1Year
Diploma(PTT) 1Year
Diploma(SCM) 1Year
Diploma(Sports Management) 1Year
DMLT + Bridge Course 1Year
DMLT 1Year
Diploma(Textile Designing ) 1Year
Diploma(Veterinary Pharmacy) + Bridge Course 1Year
Diploma(Veterinary Pharmacy ) 1Year
Diploma( Yoga & Naturopathy) +Bridge Course 1Year
Diploma(Yoga & Naturopathy ) 1Year
Diploma(Art -Craft) 2Year
Diploma(MHPW) 2Year
Diploma(MRIT) 2Year
Diploma(NTT) 2Year
Diploma(Nursing Assistant) 2Year
Diploma(Optometry) 2Year
Diploma(Pharmacy Assistant) 2Year
Diploma(Physiotherapy) 2Year
DMLT 2Year
Diploma(Textile Designing) 2Year
Diploma(Yoga & Naturopathy) 2Year
Industrial Trade Certificate (AC & Referigention) 1Year
Industrial Trade Certificate(Electrical & Electronic) 1Year
Industrial Trade Certificate(Fashion Designing) 1Year
Industrial Trade Certificate(Mechanical Filter) 1Year
Industrial Trade Certificate(Interior Designing) 1Year
Industrial Trade Certificate(Textile Designing ) 1Year
Industrial Trade Certificate(AC & Referigention) 2Year
Industrial Trade Certificate(Electrical & Electronic) 2Year
Industrial Trade Certificate(Fashion Designing) 2Year
Industrial Trade Certificate(Interior Designing) 2Year
Industrial Trade Certificate(Textile Designing) 2Year
Trade Certificate(AC & Referigetion) 1Year
Trade Certificate(Automobile) 1Year
Trade Certificate(Carpentry ) 1Year
Trade Certificate(Cloth Manufacturing & Designing) 1Year
Trade Certificate(Computer Operator) 1Year
Trade Certificate(Diesel Mechanic) 1Year
Trade Certificate(Draughtsman) 1Year
Trade Certificate(Electrical) 1Year
Trade Certificate(Fashion Designing) 1Year
Trade Certificate(House Keeping) 1Year
Trade Certificate(Mechanical Fitter) 1Year
Trade Certificate(Motor Mechanic) 1Year
Trade Certificate(Hardware & Networking) 1Year
Trade Certificate(Interior Designing) 1Year
Trade Certificate(Jewellery Designing) 1Year
Trade Certificate(Mobile Phone Repairing) 1Year
Trade Certificate(Textile Designing) 1Year
Trade Certificate 1Year